If you ask my husband what his five least favorite words are he would probably say “I saw it on Pinterest”. I see him cringe at the “P” word and the thought of the next DIY project I’ve concocted in my head. Something that will require shiplap, wall anchors, spray paint and at least six trips to Home Depot for sure. My Pinterest boards are full of ideas that would keep his weekends busy for years. Lucky for him, 99% of those ideas will stay only in the virtual world. I know I’m better off buying a set of bunk beds than trying to build our own out of reclaimed barn wood. Handy he is, but a furniture builder he is not.

He’s also lucky that I’m a pretty handy girl myself, although I recently got caught in a faux pa of the construction sort. I had been intending to hang a towel hook outside our shower door for months and finally got tired of looking at that bare wall. Feeling slightly lazy I looked around the bathroom for a tool and spotted a hammer. [We’ll get into why there’s a hammer in the bathroom another time] Now one might think that a hammer is a fantastic option for hanging something on the wall….that is unless you’ve got screws instead of nails. What can I say…I’m a work-with-what-you-got kind of gall. My husband looked over at me and asked “are you actually hammering those screws into the wall??” I informed him of my laziness and he shook his head. He was right though. Eventually I had to cave and walk downstairs for a screwdriver. Even with all my DIY skills I couldn’t hammer a screw without making a mess of the whole thing.

Hanging a hook is a minor home improvement compared to some of the things we’ve attempted to tackle ourselves. Many times it included an emergency call to our favorite plumber. We’re on a first-name basis. Each time we’ve said “never again!”, but that hasn’t stopped us so far.

When we get our minds set on something it’s difficult to deter our focus, isn’t it? Even if there’s water spewing from the bathtub, we’re running around trying to find towels to clean up the mess instead of turning it off at the source. If we would call the expert in the first place things would go a little more smoothly. The same thing applies when we spend a little time talking to God. He’s the expert in all things and never charges weekend rates.

I’ve written before on about this topic. It’s been roughly one year since Layla’s cancer returned and I knew I needed to step away from work. The urge to do things myself was immense, but the whole situation was simply out of my control. So I called in the expert and said “God, what do I do?” I felt his prompting to spend time with my children and the assurance that things would be ok financially if I wasn’t working. That was a HUGE step out in faith for me. Probably the biggest one I had ever made in my life up to that point. And it was Ok. If I hadn’t taken that time to listen and accept that I had no clue what I was doing I would be living with that regret for the rest of my life. That summer was an incredible time for our family and even if we had lost all our material possessions, I wouldn’t change any of it.

If there’s a struggle in your life that you haven’t brought to God yet, let me assure you it’s the best decision you can make. Don’t continue to shoulder that burden on your own. Be still, listen and then step out in faith. He is always waiting and willing to do the hard work.

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