Mother’s Day

To my grieving moms on Mother’s Day,

This year you will wake up on Mother’s Day with a piece of you missing. For some, you are a mother with no children here on earth. For others, there are siblings missing a brother or sister. A child-sized hole exists in your life that no thing and no one can fill. There are some of us who will wake up and put a smile on our faces because it’s how we get through the day, how we keep moving forward. Others will need a quiet space to just be. Either way, it’s ok. There is no right or wrong way to feel on this day. A day that celebrates the life we created, but is a reminder of the life that went before us.

You will mourn today because you mourn every day, and whether this is your first or fortieth Mother’s Day without your child, the pain will still be fresh. No timeframe exists in which this gets easier. It only gets us one day closer to the day we will see that precious smile again. The smile we remember and cherish in photos and memories.

We are a sisterhood. We are all linked by the heart because we have felt the things that no mother can bear to even imagine. There is an unspoken bond between us when we meet. A hug that means more than just hello, but says ‘I know’. I will think of each of you today and pray that your hearts are filled with God’s amazing peace. “You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy” – John 16:20


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  1. Thank you Sarah for this Mothers Day post. It is just what I needed. Knowing other people feel some overwhelming mixed emotions on this day.

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