Fight like Wonder Woman

I’m a big fan of superhero movies. Some wives tolerate going to see them with their husbands or even happily support the opportunity for their spouse to see the newest superhero flick with their buddies. Not me. If my husband goes to see it without me, there will be hell to pay – in the form of me never letting him forget that he went without me (He’s still getting grief about seeing Avengers: Infinity Wars with his friends).

Like most boys his age, my son Daniel is big-time into superheroes now. Spiderman is his favorite. He has Spiderman shirts, shorts, PJs, socks, light-up Spiderman shoes, and yes, even Spiderman undies. Me? Between Avengers and Justice League, my loyalty lies with The Avengers (hello…The Avengers have Thor. Case closed), with one exception: Wonder Woman.  She is a badass. A battlefield of Nazi soldiers can’t stop her, bullets can’t stop her – I bet even a hangry toddler wouldn’t phase her. Plus, she is totally pulling off those thigh-high boots!

But I’m not Wonder Woman. Sure, I can carry 10 grocery bags and a baby from the driveway to the kitchen, with a toddler clinging to my leg, but that’s basic mom stuff.

It helps to imagine I’m Wonder Woman sometimes. There has been quite a lot of discord in my world lately, uncoincidentally timed right before my book is due out. I recognize the timing and the tactics, so I press on. Lucky for me, and for all of us, satan is wildly predictable. So, once you figure out how he attacks you, you’ve got his number. This can take a little bit of self-reflection, which is tough.

For me, it starts out small with busyness. Feelings of being overwhelmed and the anxiety that all the things will never get done. I’ve learned to get past this by finding some organizational and time management skills that work for me.

Next, he’ll try a little harder by throwing something unexpected my way. In this stage of life, it’s usually a sick kid on a day that I have an important meeting or I’ll completely whiff on a task that needed to be completed. Years ago, I would have stressed and scrambled and clawed my way through getting it done, but now I just reschedule. Life happens.

Now the big guns. When all else fails he’ll throw my marriage under the bus. When this happens I know he’s really working hard to stop me.

Has that ever happened to you? You felt a nudge or a calling to take a leap of faith, so you do. Almost immediately there is resistance or an obstacle you hadn’t expected. An illness, a schedule change, a new demand for your time, even questions from your supporters. This is where so many of us give up. We assume if there is resistance or turmoil that we are surely on the wrong track. Nope. Keep moving sister.

“How do you know this is from satan?” you wonder. One word – Fear. God does not give us a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7). In fact, the verse directly before tells us to “fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.” If he indeed put that desire on your heart, he wants to see it grow into a raging fire – not snuff it out with fear. Satan can’t change the greatness that God desires for you, but he will do his damnedest to make you quit.

When I’m taking that step out in faith, I like to conjure the image of Wonder Woman from the newest movie, going into battle against the Nazis for the first time. A bullet comes whizzing towards her and she deflects it. Then another. You can see the confidence in her eyes as she charges forward towards the enemy. Just like Wonder Woman, I am carrying my shield of faith, which will extinguish all the fiery arrows of the wicked one (Ephesians 6:16)…but in yoga pants and flip flops.


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